Living life through the words & Spirit of Christ!



"Wisdom In Red" are the words in red we see in Bibles. They are the words of Jesus the Christ. They are God's truth and will. His words are the very words of God Himself. We call those words, Jesus (Revelation 19:13).

WisdomInRed.com is a ministry helping people to focus on living life through the words and Spirit of Jesus Christ by providing sound biblical guidance and encouragement through books, broadcasts and music.

The main message of Wisdom In Red is that our Heavenly Father sent His Son Jesus of the Bible as the One and only Messiah and propitiation for our sins and to become the Lord of our hearts, souls, minds and bodies in word and Spirit. Through the work of the Holy Spirit, God's word teaches us about Him, ourselves and His will for us and gives us the faith, love, strength and wisdom to live out His promises.

Wisdom In Red Ministries is based on the following scriptures:

Isaiah 55:11 Prophetically fulfilled, the Lord Jesus Christ is the Word of God sent out to the world to achieve God's will. And that He did. He did that which He was sent forth to do. 

John 1:1-18 Jesus is God's word, being the very nature of God, manifest into flesh and we see the fulfillment of Isaiah 40:1-5.

Revelation 19:13 Jesus is called the Word of God

John 12:47-50 Jesus did not come to judge. The words Jesus spoke, however, will judge those who reject Him.

1 John 2:2 Jesus is the atoning covenant between the people and The Most High God. Jesus Christ fulfilled both the satisfaction of God's wrath as well as serving as reconciliation between us and God - which we know is all the work of God in His grace.


Essence Yarbrough is a mother, Christian author, reflexologist and entrepreneur. She's written for a Christian magazine and Christian blogs encouraging the growth and godly exposure of various gospel ministers. 
Through various platforms, she leverages the wisdom God has gifted her with to edify the body of Christ and establish new believers in foundational knowledge. Her heart for God and His people has led her on this journey to leverage every platform and vehicle to convey the Gospel of Jesus Christ.