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On being single and saved: Part 1 & 2 Encouraging others to use Galatians 5:18-25, 1 Corinthians 13 and Titus as outlines for who may make a proper spouse. The dangers of operating in worldly dating patterns as a believer in Christ.
Also a vid to encourage you in mentorship...


Wisdom in Red: The Words of Jesus, takes people through the crowds of speculation straight to the Christ. It's an encouraging and powerful biblical tool for Christian learning with a most simple approach full of challenging questions, profound testimonies and of course all of Christ's Words from the New Testament. Wisdom in Red challenges readers to view their Christianity as a faith RACE instead of the lackadaisical faith WALK. It challenges readers to examine their lives and doctrines more closely from the words of Christ Himself for the sake of seeking Him in Spirit and in Truth and sharing His true gospel from a place of wisdom and righteous passion. This book can be used as a definitive starting point to understanding the entire Bible - especially for new believers. Meet the man many claim to follow and love but find out what Christ REALLY taught. You may think you know but may actually have only a slight idea! This book is great for personal or group study and makes an EXCELLENT gift to those you love and desire to see grow in the faith! 


Album: Love Taps by Essence FREE ALBUM!!! Download Now!!!

Love Taps is a Christian rap album all about learning those lessons that come with following Christ in His love and Spirit. Some lessons are harder than others and are learned more through the mess-ups than our come-ups when we don't simply listen to Him and follow. Love Taps is a reminder that the Lord is wise, holy and graceful and has presented a standard that brings us closer to understanding Him and His love as He draws us closer and as we grow in Him.

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